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Case Study – I feel hopeful, motivates to do work and happier.


In Cambodia, there are still many mentally ill patients who have been locked up at home by desperate family members – chained to the house or a tree. This happens in communities around the country, because family members do not know how to deal with the patients, there are no mental health services available in their community and they lack the finances to seek help further afield or to even take care of the patient.

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OPERATION UNCHAIN – TPO helps unchain woman locked up for 15 years


Phorn*, a 55-year-old widow in Kampong Cham province, had been locked inside a small cottage for 15 years before becoming a patient through TPO’s Operation Unchain. She began exhibiting symptoms of mental illness in 1999, rambling and singing to herself, cursing, yelling and acting aggressively toward others. Many years ago, her husband left to become a soldier and did not return.

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