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Promoting Protection Plus Initiative


TPO Cambodia is one of the CSO partner with Plan International Cambodia to joint implementation the five Country Strategic plan of Protection Plus program’s objective that children, adolescents’ girls, boys under-18 and youth 18-24 years old especially; survivors of violence live free from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect, receive quality gender-and age-responsive support. TPO will surely has contributed to Plan Cambodia program by building capacity of local resource on mental health, especially health center staff who are local service providers in which enable them to provide mental health services to those who are affected by violence and abuses. TPO works with all local stakeholders in order to response to violence in a holistic way, this would ensure that survivors of VAW and VAC would live free from violence and abuse. It also enhances the mental wellbeing, increase the self-confident in their daily life.

The project will build a strong coordination with local services providers who the key person in their community to provide support to children, youth, boys, adolescent girls and LGBTIQ aged under 18 and 18-24 years old who affected by violence, abuses.

This would be the key strategy to empower local services provider such as VHSGs, CCWCs, Health center staff to provide quality service to their community members. TPO will also provide coaching and mentoring to enhance the capacity of community-based service providers with the technical support from TPO’s clinical supervisor.  Establishment local service providers in mental health would increase numbers of children and their family who affected by violence have access to mental health service.

In additional to an increasing access to mental health service, TPO will also work closely with community-based service providers to conduct psycho-education/awareness raising in the community in relevance topic of mental health.

TPO staff and trained community-based service providers will provide direct service to children, adolescent’s girls, boys and youth aged under 18 and 18-24 years old who need psychological support. The type of intervention would also response to age groups, especially with children under 18 years. In this project, trained local service providers will provide direct psychological first aid support/emotional first aid support to target beneficiaries. If the case would need professional support, TPO counselors will also provide direct face to face counseling or phone counseling.

For children, adolescents who does not want to get individual counseling, or they are hardly to express their feeling, TPO would also inform them about the possibility of getting psychological support from school.

This project will be implemented in Siem Reap, Rattanakiri and Stung Treng provinces. In Siem Reap, TPO covers 4 districts: Angkor Thom, Angkor Chum, Srey Snam and Banteay Srei district. And Ratanak kiri province will include all high schools in 2 target districts. (Borkeo and Banlong district).

Goal: Children, adolescent’s girls, boys and youth aged under 18 and 18-24 years old, live free from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect. Especially survivors of violence received the best quality gender and age-responsive support service available to enable their rehabilitation and re-integration.

Outcome: Improved accessibility and aged-appropriateness of child protection services for children, adolescent girls, boys and youth LGBTIQ, children left behind whom exposed to violence

The methods of implementation (including the main means proposed –e.g. equipment, materials, and supplies to be acquired or rented) and rationale for such methodology;

To achieve overall goal of Plan Cambodia’s country strategy to end all form of violence against children, TPO takes the following approach:

  • Building capacity: To be able to select the right community based local service provider to receive training, TPO will process with the following steps:
    • Conduct meeting with relevant stakeholders with department of health, RH, HC and with governor districts
      • To inform about the project
      • To identify the training participants (teachers from targeted province)
    • Continues to provide ongoing support to through refresher training/ coaching/mentoring in both ways (face to face or via virtual support)

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  • Operate their skills: After receiving training with numbers of topics in related to knowledge of mental health, GBV, keys tips to support children affected by violence and facilitation skills: TPO is also applies the operating skill meaning:
  • Trained community-based service providers will engage in conducting awareness raising and provided basic emotional support to their community members.


  • Coordination through: Since the project is provide capacity build to difference stakeholders at difference level, this would be form as a community base network for the cross referral. This would increase the join coordination of addressing any violence case in the effective way such as
    • Being on time for protection and preventing services
    • Be able to keep on track or progress of cases
    • The coordination would be in the form of
      • Network meeting/monthly meeting with communes/district meeting/
      • Technical meeting with health department/
      • Provincial meeting on issue of women and children.
    • Building life skill, resilience and self-protection for children/adolescents’ girls and boy: Through the project design for psychosocial intervention such as counseling, and group therapy with children, TPO would integrate topics that build life skill for children, empower children and self-protection for any case of violence happen.


  • Innovative approach: to contribute to project’ achievement in particular in Covid Context/ or in case for urgent need
    • TPO is integrate online training/remotely coaching/or remotely supervision