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Other Ways to Help

Organize a Fundraising Event

Organizing a Fundraising event is an increasing popular, effective and fun way to raise money for a good cause. It can be as simple as holding a bake sale, screening a movie, washing cars … or it can involve a more involved activity, event or campaign. In any case, fundraising takes planning and organization. On the internet you can find many fundraising ideas, guidelines and information on fundraising platforms – a quick internet search can give you an of what is required and can help you get started.

What we’d like to know from you:

Please contact us on early in the planning phase of your fundraiser to discuss your idea. This way, we can work together and ensure your fundraiser is a success and that every cent raised can be used where it matters most.

This ensures that

  • TPO Cambodia is aware that a fundraiser will be happening
  • you get approval from TPO Cambodia to use our name and possibly logo in your fundraiser
  • your fundraiser is in line with our needs and fundraising priorities – a general fundraiser for TPO is great, but at times we have specific needs for which funds need to be raised. It would be great if you can align your fundraiser with our biggest needs.
  • your fundraising activity is aligned with TPO Cambodia’s Mission, Vision and Values (for example, we would not endorse an ‘beer drinking competition’ fundraiser.  We work daily with people with an alcohol abuse problem and see the devastating impact this problem has on families and communities). Please ensure your activity is ethical and socially responsible.
  • you remember to ensure that during your fundraising campaign you do not inadvertently use language that stigmatizes people with mental health issues or use terms that are discriminatory or pejorative towards anyone, with out without mental health issues.
  • we discuss any practical arrangements, such as transfer of the money raised etc

If you can play by these rules, we will be happy to help you any way we can to make your fundraiser a success.

We can help you by:

  • giving you or directing you to any further information about our work
  • providing you with some supporting material (providing you respect our copyright), for example photos or stories
  • publicizing your event via our own TPO channels such as Facebook, Twitter and our website so you reach more people
  • publicize and acknowledge the result of the fundraiser via those channels afterwards

Before you start, consider this:

When you’re thinking about organizing a fundraiser for TPO, please consider directing people to TPO’s official donation methods. The easiest way for you to avoid most of the administrative work to be done is to focus your fundraising efforts on sending people to our official donation page. Like many other non-profit and charity organizations, we have ways for anyone to donate through an online system, by bank transfer, by check, or in cash. Sending your donors to our donation page will help assure them that their money is going directly to TPO Cambodia, and saves you the work of organizing and transferring funds from your donors to us.

Check out TPO's Donation Page

Buy a Book

TPO Cambodia has published some books with portraits, testimonies and life stories of Cambodian trauma survivors. For the survivors, telling their stories, often for the first time, to a TPO Counselor, and then later sharing it with as many people as possible makes entirely part of their healing process and contributes to reconciliation in Cambodian society. These books give the reader an incredible insight into the nature of trauma, its long-lasting impact, as well as the dark history of Cambodia and the resilience and hopes for the future of its people.

We have been able to produce these books thanks to the funds from our donors. All proceeds from the sale of these books go back into treatment of Cambodian trauma survivors. By buying a book from us, you do not only contribute vital funds to TPO, but also help the trauma survivors in their quest to share their story and tell the truth.

Check out our books on this page and contact TPO on to order.

Attend a TPO Event

There are always a lot of things happening at TPO Cambodia. So why not join a TPO activity or event, to learn more about our work, mental health and Cambodia!

For example:

  • Public launch of TPO publications/books.
  • Public Awareness Raising Events (eg tree-planting, youth forums)
  • Testimonial Ceremony with Survivors of the Khmer Rouge at Choeung Ek Killing Field (near Phnom Penh) or in a pagoda on one of Cambodia’s provinces
  • TPO is a co-organizer and participant in the yearly Youth Mental Health Day at the Royal University of Phnom Penh, one of the biggest events on the calendar for mental health in Cambodia.
  • And much more …

The best way to stay informed about what’s on is to LIKE us on Facebook where we post all announcements and invitations. We hope to see you soon at one of our events!

Spread the Word

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter. Don’t underestimate the power of spreading the word about the need for mental health care in Cambodia and TPO’s work.

Talk to your friends, your family, your colleagues, your community about us. Share our social media updates with them, recommend our Facebook page to them or bring them along to a TPO event. Invite them to have a look at our website …

By simply spreading the word about mental health in Cambodia, you’re a big help in raising awareness about it and that means a lot to us. Thank you!


We have limited opportunities for Cambodian medical and psychology students to gain some practical experience at TPO Cambodia as part of their internship. These positions are always advertised through Cambodian schools and universities, and on our jobs web page. If you are a Cambodian student, please check for such opportunities here.

TPO Cambodia does not take in short-term volunteers on a walk-in basis or does not recruit volunteers, whether skilled or unskilled.

All TPO staff are Cambodian, but we do occasionally host long-term foreign advisors and skilled volunteers who are placed with us through recognized international development agencies, and in accordance with those agencies’ and our own development priorities and strategies. They are always recruited directly by these agencies. Assignments are typically for an extended period of 6 months to several years. If you are interested in such a long-term capacity-building commitment, please keep an eye out for job advertisements from these agencies and apply directly with them.