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Want to help bring mental health care to Cambodia?

Sep 22, 2015 | Latest News



Do you want to help bring mental health care to Cambodians who don’t have access to the services they need?

Then check out TPO’s newest online fundraiser on GlobalGiving and donate now to make a difference.

What’s the challenge for mental health in Cambodia?

It’s estimated that about 40% of Cambodians suffer from mental health problems: trauma caused during war and the Khmer Rouge, domestic violence, substance abuse, and poverty are rife. Rapid economic and social change disturb the established way of life. The mental health burden on society is enormous, but the mental health system is only in its infancy leaving a huge gap between what is needed and what is available. In many rural parts of Cambodia, mental health care services are completely lacking, people have little awareness about mental health issues and what can be done about them, and more often than not don’t have the means to afford or reach the much needed help. This is where TPO Cambodia aims to make a difference.

How will we help solve this problem?

We help reduce the gap between the need for and availability of mental health care, in particular for those who need it most and cannot access care at all. We provide treatment and support at our clinic in Phnom Penh and via our community-based teams and projects in the provinces. We also have mobile teams traveling the rural areas. Our work makes a difference for people with mental health problems and their families, so they function more effectively in their work, families, and communities.

What’s the long-term impact of our work?

Our work raises Cambodians’ awareness of mental health and shifts their attitudes: more seek help and stigma decreases. By training key community people, we build on pre-existing skills, have the widest reach possible and leave communities with improved and ongoing access to mental health care. We further strengthen the local mental health system by providing mental health training in existing rural health centers and hospitals. With partners we work to bring about positive health policy change.