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TPO marked World Mental Health Day 2015 by co-organizing the Youth Mental Health Day at RUPP (Royal University of Phnom Penh) on Friday 2 October 2014. This day brings together the major players in Cambodia in the field of mental health (including TPO) to raise awareness of mental health issues in Cambodia, particularly those affecting young people. TPO ran a well-attended information stand were we displayed all kinds of posters and publications many of which we distributed for free to all interested participants.  TPO team joined to conduct activities to promote mental health such as art therapy, mini-counseling sessions, mindfulness exercises, play video clip to educate about Mental Health Health First Aid as well as expert talks to make participants get more understanding about mental health issues and how we can help. Visitors were able to participate in the activities, ask questions and engage with experts on a wide range of topics throughout the day to learn about Mental Health.

The event was a big success: more than 2000 people attended and participated in the activities. You can see activities via TPO facebook: